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The most immediate concerns after a car accident are your health and your legal obligations.

First, you should be evaluated by a physician for any injuries. Not all car accident injuries are obvious. Brain injuries can be essential invisible, and other conditions may not show symptoms for hours or days after a car accident due to adrenaline and shock.

Next, you want to collect as much information about the accident as possible. Get all relevant information such as license plate numbers, names, locations, insurance providers, and other details and organize it. If there were any witnesses present at the scene, collect their contact information.

After you’ve gathered the relevant information, reach out to a lawyer specializing in car accidents as soon as possible. They will be able to advise you towards your best options for recuperating your losses and assessing the situation regarding legal liabilities.

A good car accident lawyer can also help you negotiate the frustrating process of dealing with the insurance agencies involved. They will act as you advocate to ensure you are paid the full amount you are entitled to from your or the other parties’ insurance company.

If necessary, they will also be able to represent you should the case go to court when dealing with the other party and/or any insurance agencies involved.