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AP News in Brief at 12:04 am EST

Ukraine: Zelenskyy seeks more sanctions, fighting grinds on


KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Fighting is grinding on in Ukraine after the country marked the anniversary of Russia’s invasion, with Ukrainian authorities on Saturday reporting dozens of new Russian strikes and

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AGL, Greenpeace and free speech –

AGL, one of Australia’s largest suppliers of electricity, gas and telecommunications, owns copyright in and has registered as a trade mark its AGL “logo”:

TM No 1843098

Greenpeace started running a campaign about AGL’s business “Still Australia’s Biggest Climate Polluter”

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Why tougher penalties are long overdue

Famous white collar crimes that made headlines internationally

Some of the most high profile stories over the last decade involve both individuals and corporations engaged in extremely deceptive practices. from Bernie Madoff’s infamous ponzi scheme to the downfall of Enron

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A case of design –

Burley J has ruled that Uniden’s XTrak mobile radio product would infringe GME’s registered design.

Uniden had begun displaying in Australia images of its Xtrak product on its website and in its online shop, but was not yet selling the

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