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Laws are made to ensure that these rights are maintained. With the law, people will not arbitrarily violate the rights of others. The law also plays a role in providing a sense of justice for citizens. The law not only creates order and peace, but also justice for citizens.

The law functions as the protection of human interests, so that their interests are protected, then the law should be implemented in a real way. The law functions as a regulator of peaceful social life. The law requires peace.

Handling legal issues or cases

Duties And Responsibilities

Drafting / making contract agreements

Play a role in guarding the constitution and human rights




Take Responsibility For What You Do

The existence of a legal representative or lawyer in a criminal case is a common thing. This attorney has a role to provide legal assistance, both for the suspect and the victim.

1.Establishment is carried out with an authentic written deed made with the knowledge of a notary
2.The deed is registered at the Registrar of the District Court where the law firm's office will be domiciled 3.Once registered, it will be announced along with the deeds of other law firms in the state news

Legal reform is also often accompanied by legal reform, not a challenge to change, grow, correct, implement, replace or completely remove legal provisions and provisions of laws and regulations that apply in a legal system. the spirit in law, manifesting through the modification, addition, or deletion of a provision, rule or legal principle in the laws and regulations that apply to a legal system so that a useful legal system becomes better, fairer and more certain according to law.

Examples of Common Crimes

Domestic Violence

Domestic battery, corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant, criminal threats, child abuse.

Personal Injury

Law relating to psychological injury due to the actions of another person, company or other entity.

Driving Crimes

DUI, Vehicular manslaughter, driving on a suspended license, driving without a license.

Gun Crimes

Unlawful possession of firearms, carrying a concealed weapon, firearm conversion, brandishing.

Drug Crimes

Possession of substances, possession for sale, manufacturing, diversion, and spreading.

Juvenile Crimes

602 Proceedings, wards of the court, sealing of juvenile records,rehabilitation cases .


Forgery, auto insurance fraud, check fraud, credit card fraud, health care fraud, identity theft.


Defenses for petty theft, grand theft, robbery, burglary, auto burglary, embezzlemen.

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